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Welcome To Lab Diamonds - The Best Man Made Diamonds that Technology can Deliver

Lab Diamonds Direct presents an extraordinary collection of lab created gems, both simulants and pure-carbon lab diamonds. Lab Diamonds offers more than a mined diamond. Our expertly computer-cut, perfectly proportioned lab grown gems provide flawless luster, brilliance, quality and fire, without the conflict and cost of mined diamonds. Lab Diamonds offers the most technological advanced man made gems, also known as lab grown diamonds on the market today. What you see and what you touch is a genuine diamond. Our closely guarded lab diamond growing process takes place over weeks compared to naturally mined diamonds which take place over thousands of years. All of our lab created diamond jewelry comes with a risk free, lifetime guarantee against chipping, scratching, and clouding. We also offer a 15 day money back guarantee on all orders.

Every Lab Diamonds round gem is cut to Hearts and Arrows specifications. This means that all facets are in perfect alignment, proportion and symmetry, which gives you the most beautiful, visually scintillating alternative to Naturally Mined Diamonds in the world. Whether you choose our lab diamond simulants or our pure carbon lab diamonds, our lab diamond gems are an eco-friendly, conflict free diamond alternative that truly captures all the elegance and intensity of mined diamonds.

Precious Metals Comparison
Choosing between solid white gold, or yellow gold, in 10k, 14k or 18k, platinum or palladium is primarily a style preference. However, the setting choice contributes to the value and wear ability, and should be a factor in the final selection of metal for yourself or your loved one. At, every setting is created using only the finest Eco-friendly (recycled) solid gold, 950 pure platinum or 950 pure palladium from refineries that share our commitment to utilizing, "Earth Friendly" metals. Lab-diamonds never uses plated base metals, only solid gold or other metals of choice, and all of our rings and jewelry are clearly stamped with the karat of your choice. You can wear them proudly knowing that you are helping to minimize the impact on the environment.