Our lab diamonds offer an alternative to earth minded diamonds, that are environmentally friendly and conflict free. No indigenous people have been exploited, nor has there been any abuse of our limited natural resources coming from mother earth. Below is a price comparison of the Lab-Diamonds Ashley Engagement Ring with comparable earth mined diamonds. What you save can be used for a major down payment on a house or a child's college education.

Lab Diamond Vs Natural Diamond

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Technical Comparison Summary

Below we have created a chart comparing our lab diamonds to earth-mined, manmade, simulated and lab created stones for you to review. We believe in providing you with enough information so that you can make an intelligent choice, and encourage you to learn as much as you can before deciding to purchase an engagement ring or any other jewelry from lab-diamonds.com. When you see how we compare you will smile at how smart you are and all the money you will save. (Check our Lifetime Warranty)



compare miadonna diamond hybrid stones to other lab created, simulated diamonds and, man made diamonds and earth mined diamonds

Our Lab Diamond Infused

compare miadonna diamond hybrids to cubic zirconia


compare miadonna diamond hybrid stones to moissante

Cubic Zirconia

compare miadonna diamond hybrid stones to earth mined diamonds

Earth Mined Diamonds

compare miadonna diamond hybrid stones to earth mined diamonds

Lab Created Pure Carbon

Percentage of Diamond Bonds

90% in Infused outer layer





MOHS Hardness Scale







Ideal, Hearts and Arrows, Cut by computer

Cut to offset it's double refraction

Varies on usage

Varies on rough form

Varies on rough form




I-J with yellow-green tint








Flawless to VS

Varies on Inclusions

Varies on Inclusions

Carat Cost
Approx. 1CT




D-Flawless $24,000.00

D-Flawless $18,000.00